Our subsidiary

AALIM AULAD Islamic Pre-School

Company background

Aalim Aulad Islamic Pre-School is an enthusiastic service provider in the Early Childhood Education industry. We provide high quality children development solutions to inculcate positive cognitive development following the children’s genetic brain processor and learning styles.

We focus on providing a memorable and impactful learning experience to children from the age of 4 year to 6 years old.

We endeavor to create the future generation of ‘Ulul Albab who are not only intelligent, but emotionally and spiritually smart.

Why Do what We do

We believe that children are not to be molded, rather they have potentials YET to be unfolded even at the tender age of their pre-school years.

Our CORE VALUES and PLEDGE balances both worlds to prepare the children to become a great Muslim.

Our Vision

To be a primary early childhood development centre offering impactful and proven learning methods in creating dynamic young Muslims in Malaysia and South East Asia region.


AALIM AULAD Islamic Pre-School

The effectiveness

Our CORE VALUES and PLEDGE balances both worlds to prepare the children to become a great Muslim. Other reasons are;

  • Low student - teacher ratio enable us to give ADEQUATE ATTENTION to your child.
  • The application of 21st Century Learning approach to develop children to become an excellent communicator, a critical thinker, a collaborator and a creative individuals.
  • Supports different learning styles of children using the Muslim Scholar approaches alike Imam al-Ghazzali and many more.
  • Conducive environment that is friendly to the children’s needs and Fitrah.

We just started and currently we humbly begin with an outlet in Mutiara Gombak, we invite all Muslim early childhood learning enthusiasts to have trust on our content and make some investment and hence together we can spread the good message throughout the nation.

We are now opening opportunity to all to establish more branches of the Aalim Aulad Islamic Pre-School at your desired place based on licensing agreement, with your investment, we handle the renovation, train the teachers and even handle the operations of the school; investors may be either play a role as principle or just an owner of the kindergarten who wait for your dividend every year and also hereafter rewards insha allah.